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    The year 11 practical examination workshops for Drama students will take place this year as follows:


    Thursday 14th November 2013 - 11ADr1 (RED), 11CDr1 (HED) & 11EDr1 (HED) 


    Friday 15th November 2013 - 11BDr1 (MSP) & 11BDr2 (RED)



    The workshop will follow the same format as the practical exam which took place in June 2013 and comprises of 6 hours of assessed work. As a result, the exam will begin at 9am and conclude at 4pm, an hour later than the normal school day ends. It is crucial that students attend this whole day session and the subsequent lessons which will prepare them for their controlled assessment write-up which is based on their practical exploration. This exam, alongside the accompanying essay that students write, accounts for 30% of the pupils’ final GCSE grade; it is therefore of the upmost importance that attendance to lessons is as close to 100% as possible during this half term. Past experience has shown that students who do not complete this element of the course will almost certainly not be able to achieve a C grade or above in the subject. 

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